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Chen Style Tai Chi Institute 

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A Journey into the Secret World of 



Only have a day or two to visit Hong Kong? Don’t miss the unique opportunity to learn about the ancient and secretive world of Chinese Martial Arts with Master Chow, the first inheritor of Grand master Chen Qin Lei from Chen Village and listed by Kung Fu Celebrity Archive of Beijing as a prestigious Kung Fu Master of China.

In this class, Master Chow, who comes from a family of martial

arts experts, will give you a brief historical introduction of Tai Chi

and its 15 different levels which in historic times were kept secret

and only known to the Masters. He will also demonstrate the below

movements: Sudden Thunder Style Tai Chi in both soft and explosive forms, a cultural heritage Kirin dance of the Hakka people from China and the use of several Chinese Weapons.












These simple steps can be practiced anywhere at any time and with daily practice help lead you onto the road of good health and longevity.

Over 3000 students have passed through the doors of Chow’s Institute, there are people who are Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Kung Fu Experts from other countries, want to improve their skills; And also people just want to improve their health and fitness.


You will find it's really an unforgettable journey into the Ancient and secret world of Chinese Martial Arts!







Class: Approximately 1.5 hours 

Class fee: HKD750 per person

For groups larger than 8 please email or call to discuss

Finally, five basic Tai Chi movements that have been traditionally practiced in China over the centuries will be taught to you. More importantly, special Qi breathing techniques that go with each movement will also be shared. 

Class Location:
Sheung Wan (Headquarters): Room No.5 on 11th Floor,

135 Bonham Strand Trade Centre,135 Bonham Strand, 

Sheung Wan, Hong Kong.  

(2 mins walk from Sheung Wan MTR station, exit A2)

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